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blog update...as of 10:00 AM Sunday morning, I'm down to 983 uncategorized posts.


On "The Private War in The Mind" from Reformation Theology

Yet there is a reality to spiritual warfare and it is something God certainly wants us to know about, or else He would not have revealed it to us in His Word. If we just stay with the Scripture, we will be on safe and sure ground. God wants us to understand the warfare, know our enemy and live a life free from his clutches.



Hillbuzz on waking up Americans:

this paragraph is talking about why the Republicans don't seem to be all that interested in winning:

Maybe these men truly don’t know how to do that…but we think it’s more like the Washington Generals knowing they have a pretty good racket losing basketball games to the Globetrotters, so why start working harder and winning when the script their all following says they need to lose in the end (if they want to keep their cushy existence as the lovable losers).


A good article on gay marriage by "The Gay Patriot"

If you feel a victim because the state doesn’t call your union what you want to call it, well, then you have really politicized your psyche.

He says that gay marriage (the union of 2 people) already exists, what they lack is state recognition.  If they went for the recognition of the union (without calling it "marriage"), they would have the rights of the state recognition of the union.

A commenter said,

Even for straights, a State marriage license is a thing created by State legislation (which I call a privilege); not a thing which morally precedes the State and exists apart from it (which I call a fundamental right).

Which is why, in certain circumstances, I would decline piece of paper that tells me that the state has given me permission to marry.

That's God's job, not the state's.


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I've been in a very weird spot (all around).  I (think I am) back on track, at least this morning I think so.

On my "to do" list for today was a 50 mile bike ride...oh well, that ain't gonna happen today.  I took my car (bike on the rack) to the park where the "flat ride" starts.  Five feet away from the car, the chain broke.  So I came back home.

This evening I'm going to a retirement dinner for the lead teacher I worked with last year.  I miss her.  My year with her taught me a lot - most specifically that (whatever you might hear from other people) you should let each person prove themselves.  Before I got moved into Mary's classroom, I had heard a few things about her that were not very nice.  They were wrong.

I have also learned over the years that sometimes the moves that I think are going to be disasters - or moves that I've been forced into making - are the best ones for me.

I cringed when I saw my room assignment for this year.  Mostly I just wanted to stay put for a year.  But...it's going to be a good year.  Really.  Again, what made me cringe is most likely the best thing for me.  The things that I think are going to be "bad" are just...different.  The hardest things (like moving from a more non-structured room to a room that has more structure) is actually good for me, yet an adjustment.

We're attending a CRC again.  I don't know how long it will last, but I told the kids I'd give it a try.

And I've lost 6 1/2 pounds in the month of August (first Friday to first Friday).  More of a lower-carb diet.  Not very low carb, but definately more sensible.  I also let my exercise level for the day add to the grams of carbs I eat.

Politically...It's all about Palin.  And relating Palin to the common woman.

Spiritually...it seems like a wash.  Listened to Driscoll on spiritual warfare.  Talked with a friend about "The Shack" and some things she's going through.