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I have the kindle app on my iPad, which I use more and more.  The problem is that with my "hard" books, I know which ones I've read and can just go to my shelf and look for the sticky tags with the quotes I might want to remember.

It's harder with a kindle.  The temporary solution was to "share" everything to facebook.  Not a good plan, since not everybody wants to know what politics and theology books I'm reading.

Secondary solution:  two twitter accounts - one from my cell phone for my reading list.  The other from my iPad for quotes.

I think that I'll want to take those twitter posts and somehow put them here, so that I can find them...but I'm not sure how.  I love my widgets, but one of them had a virus or something, but I'll work something out.  😉

I have an iPod (not used) and an iPhone (attached to me) and I was gifted with an iPad (with me most of the time.)

There is an amazing number of apps - I found one that will store knitting patterns and keep track of my rows...and another that is a ruler.  I no longer have to carry patterns and tape measures.

And an eating log.

and games....

The three I use most are

#1. Cozi.  I've got the app on my phone and pad, Tom has it on his iPad.  I can put my grocery list on the site from my computer, and anybody with the app can add to it - I access it at the store and if it's not on the list...don't blame me for not buying it!

On Cozi, I also take a few minutes at the start of the week to put my Scripture reading list into a Cozi "to do" list.  that way, I can open my

#2 - ESV Study Bible and read anywhere.

#3 - Kindle App.  There are WAY too many books that are free, or $.99.  And it's way too easy to click on the "buy now" and spend too much on books.

While I'm away from home, I read the kindle app.  At home, I mostly read the "hardware" and if it's a book that I'll want to loan or mark up, I get both.


(NOTE:  I do have a twitter account that I probably don't use the right way.  I twitter what I'm reading, as I read it...keeping my reading list in the sidebar of my blog.)