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Just to keep them all in one spot...

I've also added a plug-in for a star system!  (plug-ins for my website are sort of like apps for my iThings.)  The site for the "Review Rating" is here.

ZERO stars - I didn't even finish the book

  1. stars - reserved for books to stay away from.  May be well written, but full of error
  2. stars - mediocre bad (this is different than what the plug-in writer uses)
  3. stars - mediocre good
  4. stars - good book; I learned a lot (non-fiction) or enjoyed it very much (fiction)
  5. stars - what a good book!  I learned so much and will apply it to my life in a very real and meaningful way.
  6. stars - this book rocked my world and changed my life forever.

2/11/2021 - The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

1/26/2021 - Feelings and Faith by Brian Borgman

1/11/2021 - Things We Couldn't Say by Diet Eman

12/30/2020 - Deacon King Kong by James McBride

1/6/2015 - Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas

4/5/2014 - Signature in the Cell by Stephen C. Meyer

4/01/2014 - Another Jesus Calling by Warren B. Smith

3/29/2014 - Tough Topics by Sam Storms

3/20/2014 - Worship by the Book

6/23/2013 - The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination

10/16/2011 - Rules for Radical Conservatives

1/9/2008 - My Name is Jorge (On Both Sides of the River)

9/23/2006 - Papal Sin

I have an iPod (not used) and an iPhone (attached to me) and I was gifted with an iPad (with me most of the time.)

There is an amazing number of apps - I found one that will store knitting patterns and keep track of my rows...and another that is a ruler.  I no longer have to carry patterns and tape measures.

And an eating log.

and games....

The three I use most are

#1. Cozi.  I've got the app on my phone and pad, Tom has it on his iPad.  I can put my grocery list on the site from my computer, and anybody with the app can add to it - I access it at the store and if it's not on the list...don't blame me for not buying it!

On Cozi, I also take a few minutes at the start of the week to put my Scripture reading list into a Cozi "to do" list.  that way, I can open my

#2 - ESV Study Bible and read anywhere.

#3 - Kindle App.  There are WAY too many books that are free, or $.99.  And it's way too easy to click on the "buy now" and spend too much on books.

While I'm away from home, I read the kindle app.  At home, I mostly read the "hardware" and if it's a book that I'll want to loan or mark up, I get both.


(NOTE:  I do have a twitter account that I probably don't use the right way.  I twitter what I'm reading, as I read it...keeping my reading list in the sidebar of my blog.)