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Looking back at Tiger Woods

One of the "bad" things about reading blogs the way that I do is that I end up with a lot of open tabs.  The upside is that I end up with different perspectives and/or a running commentary from different sources.

Truth in Advertising (Parchment and Pen)

If You Can Find a Better Deal, TAKE IT! (Ann Coulter)


There May Be More Errors- can we please stop calling them "errors"?  If you repeat a lie, it doesn't make it an "error", it makes a lie that you're repeating.

I Knew the Data Hadn't Been Verified - can we stop calling it "not verified"?

President Obama's pro-abortion record

(no, not "pro-choice)

On Haiti

What Pat Robertson Should Have Said

Who Will Be Left...? (I love the Hillbuzz guys!)

Doctrinal Issues (could be research paper fodder

Why I believe the Canon is Fallible and Am Fine With It (Reclaiming the Mind)

Case Studies...

Michigan Politics

In one of the worst economies in the country...our Senator Levin says that "unemployment has not been his focus."  Thanks for all the "help", Senator.

Tim Keller reviews "The Shack"


re:  Tiger Woods and everything surrounding that mess



  • we have ONE man who has slept with women other than his wife.
  • we have FOUR women who have slept with a man who is married, and who is not their husband.

Everybody get ready for the roll of the eyes and collectively say, "men are such pigs".

80% of the people fooling around here are women.


  • a woman gets caught cheating and her husbands whacks her one.  Society (as a whole) tells us "there is never an excuse for violence"
  • a man gets caught cheating and his wife whacks him one.  Society (as a whole) rolls its collective eyes and says, "duh.  He deserved it."