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I have a couple of weeks off, so I'll probably be blogging a bit. We have a family wedding on the 27, school starts the 29th, we have a family reunion/camping trip on Labor Day weekend...and then it's back to school for real 😉

I'm taking 7 credit hours this semester, finally picking up "History of Western Civilization, Pre-Reformation" and "General Psychology". Add to that homeschooling a high schooler - Algebra, Writing, Computers, Greek; and she's taking Art, Psychology and a health credit at Community College. So I'm really enjoying digging into the Word, theology, history and even a little fiction before life gets crazy.

Tom finally has a job interview on Monday!

My tattoo is feeling "sun-burny", but not itchy. It got dry while we were grocery shopping - like *BIG TIME* grocery shopping. I ran into the secretary from my last school, Janice. We had a nice chat - she remembers Manda.

I told Tom that I was really okay with him telling folks I got a tattoo and he designed it - he asked for a photo for his art book; I told him that I'd rather wait until the redness and swelling is gone so it looks cleaner, then I'd be glad to let him take a picture!

And...I got new shoes. (on clearance for 75% off!)


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