What do you all think of this post on leaders?

What do you all think of this quote?

“People of prayer like Daniel are those that are pursuing intimacy with God – Intimacy that is possible through Jesus Christ and only through a yielding to the Holy Spirit. What comes out of this intimacy is a trust in the authorities that God puts in our lives. Sometimes these authorities act and talk in ways that don't represent us, yet to trust God is to submit to their leadership.

If you rebel against this prayer thought…ask God about it, he put the authorities in place.”

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2 thoughts on “What do you all think of this post on leaders?

  1. I think it sounds like code language for "we are getting ready to tell you to do something that we are pretty sure is going to be controversial, so we are maneuvering you into a position where disagreement with us will be called 'rebellion'."

    But I'm probably just paranoid.

  2. uhuh...

    that's what I thought. (I must be paranoid, too)

    On the other hand, just because we're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't still up to something

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