i bought some of this…oh my goodness!

from the Great Lakes Brewing Company...very nice...

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15 thoughts on “i bought some of this…oh my goodness!

  1. On the side where it says places i go it says Blandford Nature Center ... whens the last time you went there and Whens the next time we're going?

  2. : )

    I figured she was a friend or loved one! How nice that you can chat like this. I have been "on" my mother for years to get a computer. She is in OH and I am in IL and I miss her! She reads my blog when she's at my sisters, but will NOT comment. I think sometimes her generation (she is 74) has a hard time overcoming their "fear" of technology!

    I'll bet I would like porter. I like Guiness because of the smooth, bitter flavor. I DON'T like beer. If you know, how does it compare with Guiness?

  3. It's sort of like Guiness in the basic taste, it's got the same bitterness and more smooth - and the coffee and chocolate are - very good.

    My real favorite is young's double chocolate stout. the same only more. 😉

  4. I got the worst grade I ever got in Spanish...I'm thinking about taking it over - if I really want to learn Spanish I need to brush up, but also try to bring my grade up.

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