Some Interesting Political/Religious Thoughts

I'm reading through a "Ten Country Survey of Pentecostals"  (HT: Boars Head Tavern).

There's some pretty expected inforamation that compares Pentecostals, Charismatics, (sometimes) "other" Christians and "all" Christians.

What caught my eye was a question about the "U.S. Led War on Terror".  In the United States, Christians in general  - and Pentecostals and Charistmatics even more so - support the war on terror.  That's not particulary surprising.

It's the other parts of the world that are interesting.

In Latin America, South Africa, and South Korea, the war is very much NOT supported.

In northern Africa, India, and the Phillipines, the war IS supported.  In the Phillipines, Christians support the war on terror more than Christians in the United States do.

Outside of the United States, what is the difference in the political and/or religious climate in these regions of the world?

The population of Muslims.

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