I am so doomed…

The directions say to identify "a, b and c"...

I'm so bad I can't even FIND the "c"

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5 thoughts on “I am so doomed…

  1. Yes...those are indeed neurons. Multi-polar.

    This lab practicum is on
    - entire nervous system
    - entire muscular system
    - entire circulatory system
    - entire respiritory system.

    It's a what's at the end of the pointer kind of test.

  2. phd4jesus

    Wow. Those are great stellate neurons. I work primarily with PNS neurons: pseudounipolar (from the trigeminal ganglia). I'm guessing that A is an axon (there is only one) and B are dendrites (which there can be many).

    Good luck

  3. ah...but what is "C"? (the question really is there on the practice test)

    The nervous system I'm ok on. The respiritory I'm pretty good on. The circulatory is shaky and if the test asks for insertions and origins of muscles, I'm done.

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