Proposal 4: Vote Tomorrow…

This one should be a no-brainer

Proposal 06-4
A proposed constitutional amendment to prohibit government from taking private property by eminent domain for certain private purposes

The proposed constitutional amendment would:

  • Prohibit government from taking private property for transfer to another private individual or business for purposes of economic development or increasing tax revenue
  • Provide that if an individual's principal residence is taken by government for public use, the individual must be paid at least 125% of property's fair market value
  • Require government that takes a private property to demonstrate that the taking is for a public use; if taken to eliminate blight, require a higher standard of proof to demonstrate that the taking of the property is for a public use
  • Preserve existing rights of property owners
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2 thoughts on “Proposal 4: Vote Tomorrow…

  1. Phil

    As of 5:31am Michigan time, it's passing 1,936,662 to 400,171.

    Here in the Democratic People's Republic of Kalifornia, the suckweasel liberals flooded the polls to vote down eminent domain protections. We voted in the personification of liberal wimpiness -- Jerry "moonbeam" Brown -- as our new crime fighting Attorney General, and all but one top office (Governator!) goes to rabid libs.

    Enjoy Michigan.... cold, but safe (sorta).

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