Photo Scavenger Hunt: Time

This is at Union Station in downtown Chicago...we missed the train and had to eat Ben & Jerry's while we waited for the next one.

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8 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt: Time

  1. Same here!

    (I'm glad you like the theme...the worst part is putting the carnival part of the sidebar back together...and finding the "winter theme" that "must" come next!)


  2. Great clock shot! I like your Christmas theme on your blog. The holly bullets left are really cute!

    Thanks for visiting mine and seeing my snow TIME shot! LOL your parents packing up and going to Florida as soon as the first snowfall!!!

    My Dad is staying in Canada and not going to Florida for the first time in years. He and my Mum used to go every November and stay until late March. My Mum passed away in 2005 and so he sold the house they had down there last year. I'm not sure how he's gonna find it. He's 81 but still going strong, TG.


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