Jesus is Lord of all lords.

Name above all names! Alpha and Omega, beginning and end.

(From the Tennessean)

"We need to forsake the Christendom model," Camp said. "The most basic Christian commitment … is that we say we believe in the Lordship of Jesus. But, if we claim that, how can a Muslim or Jew trust us, if we say Jesus is the Lord of all Lords?"

Jesus is Lord of all lords!

Rick Warren visits Syria.

Jesus is Lord of all lords!

The College of William and Mary remove the cross from the Wren Chapel.

Jesus is Lord of all lords!
The pope prays with an Islamic Cleric in a mosque.

Jesus is Lord of all lords!

God damn us all if we forsake the preaching of the Word, if we abandon proclaiming that Jesus is Lord of all lords.

Early Christians didn't cave when facing Ceasar.  But some seem to be caving from within now.

Camp tells us that Jews and Muslims won't trust us if we say, "Jesus is Lord of all lords!"

Tha's okay.  They don't need to trust us - they need to trust Jesus!  The Lord of all Lords!

In the same article in the Tennesean, it says,

Allah, the God Muslims worship, is the same God Christians and Jews worship, and the Quran recounts the same biblical stories of Mary and Jesus, he said.

Pay close attention.


The God that I worship because fully God and fully human.  The God that I worship gave His very life to save His people.  The God that I worship died a horrible death - to give me life.

I do not worship the same God that they do.

And I do not pray with Muslims.

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13 thoughts on “Jesus is Lord of all lords.

  1. When you state "We do not worship the same God" are you then acknowledging that there is more than one God? I would sooner acknowledge that our defined qualities and descriptions of God are different. That's just my opinion of course.

  2. Not at all.

    Would you accept that Baal is a "different quality and description"?

    I am merely accepting the truth that some people worship false gods - people such as Muslims, Mormon, Jehovah's Witnesses.

  3. Eve:

    6. (lowercase) an image of a deity; an idol.
    7. (lowercase) any deified person or object.

    There are many gods - only One is real.

  4. As to your question, I do not know what qualities and descriptions are attributed to "Baal", so I cannot really answer.

    What I'm wondering is if the Pope prayed to the one real God next to the Muslims who prayed to a god which is not actual or existing, what is the expected outcome? Is harm done? Do you feel God would be offended by this meeting?

  5. mmm...Eve, "Baal" is in the Bible, you might want to do a word study.

    What do you think the Bible has to say about the sacrifices of the ungodly?

    What does the Bible have to say about worshipping false gods?

    What does the Bible say about worshipping with those who worship false gods?

  6. It is my understanding that there are many "Baals" even in the Bible. I believe it is an offense to God to worship other "false gods". My initial comment was meant to suggest that the Muslims may acknowledge the same God, the same Creator, even if their worship is practiced differently.

    As regards to the other topics in the post, I have no interest at this time. It was your statements "I do not worship the same God that they do.And I do not pray with Muslims." which caught my attention.

  7. Eve, have you ever read parts of the Q'oran?

    Do you know what Islam says about Christians? Black people? Women?

    Here is a good place to start.

    Our God reigns in heaven. Islam's god is in hell, torturing those who do not submit.

    Eve: read Read this - watch the video. I DARE you to watch it all the way through.

    And then tell me that these animals worship Christ.

  8. I have had a quick look at the links you provided. I do not wish to watch the video as the description sounded horrific enough. It's obvious I am not familiar with the Quran and all of its teachings. I see how it has many quotes which are quite opposed to Christianity. It would be difficult to accept that their One God Creator of all could be the same as our One God Creator of all. I just thought maybe those pieces of Truth found in their faith would be enough to find some kind of foundation to peace. It seems I was wrong.

    Thank you for your replies and patience as I once again naively attempt to squeeze everyone into one happy little family under God.

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  10. hey Ellen:

    If you don't watch out, you're going to get Rule 40'd at BHT. Talking sense like this -- you know: that Christians ned to be about Peace thru Jesus Christ and not peace in spite of Jesus Christ -- is dangerous business.

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