Family Time

We had a very nice family time - we didn't do much (we played Life and Apples to Apples and Phase 10).  We had a wonderful dinner and gave (and opened) the last of our Christmas gifts (yes, it's odd but it works for us).

Yesterday I set off on a little walk (how difficult can it be to walk around the block).  There are no blocks, just twisty-turny streets that go off in odd directions.  I was on the phone while I walked (the weather was turning cold at this point) and when I reached Dundee Street (or Ave) I asked Phil to please google map the home address so I could figure out how to get back...

He said, " have well over a mile to get back"  So I walked back (the whole walk was over 6,000 steps, or estimate around 3 miles).  I earned the wedding cake cookie.

And the dinner...when my in-laws were alive and still in ministry, they enjoyed this restaurant.  They serve a one-pound pork chop and Judy has the recipe; it's wonderful. (the chops are cut to 2" thick - click on "history" and you can download it)

We expected nasty weather so we left early in the day and the roads were clear and dry - all in all, we were very blessed.

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