Rundown on classes

Access.  Nuff said.

Dreamweaver.  Also nuff said.  (this is an online course so maybe I can finish early)
Wellness.  WE 166.  the "independent studies" of health and fitness.  I go in next Monday for the baseline test (put me on an exercise bike and take my pulse) and then go off and do my aerobics thing.  Go back every three weeks for another test and after four of them my grade is based on how much my heart (stamina wise) has improved since the baseline.

Because of my PCOS, my heart rate is high to start with and if they stop the test because it goes higher than my target rate (a given) I'm messed up.  If they don't stop the test until I reach my maximum rate, I'm good to go because it doesn't go that high.

So I have my little chart to keep track of heart rates and minutes and such things.

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