One of the blogs I read daily (when I'm reading all my favorites daily) is "The Road Not Chosen". Written by a mom of a young gentleman (Evan) with Down Syndrome, we've read about the physical problems that Evan has been having.

Thursday, Evan was scheduled for surgery, which was canceled. Why?

Evan's surgery was cancelled today. Gasp. Shock. Why? Because, well, God healed him & he didn't need surgery! He was preped & taken back to surgery. They put him under, cut off his cast, inspected his skin for abraisons (there were none). The next step was to look at his hip through the fluroscope (a real time x-ray machine). To the surgeons (both of them) shock, his femur was tilted at exactly the right angle, positioned perfectly. They moved his leg around, thinking it would pop out of socket, but it was firmly, perfectly in place, holding strong. Dr. S. called us in the waiting room, Harold talked to him & started to cry. Then Harold laughed. Hanging up, Harold told us (myself, our friends Roger & Dave) the good news. To say we were stunned would be the understatement of the century. I just laughed like a crazy woman. This was so wonderful as to be unimaginable! We all began laughing, crying & praising God.

Something like this happened to me when I was in second grade. I had had surgery twice already for tumors on my jaw - one of them had grown on my upper gum, so quickly that it covered my front teeth.

The third time the tumor was on the roof of my mouth, the night before my surgery, my parents took me to church on Wednesday evening where the deacons prayed over me. I went into surgery the next morning and right before they put me to sleep, the doctor (I remember him, Dr. Gibson) looked into my mouth and looked again. Then they took me back to my mom and dad. The tumor was simply not there.

Miracles and healing do happen. No donations to ministries, no props. Prayers.

I join Evan's family in praise to the glory of God.

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One thought on “Miracles

  1. That is such a great story. The wacky televangelists who think you can buy a miracle from God really give the supernatural a bad name. But, its nice to hear about a genuine experience of the miraculous.

    I was watching a 20/20 special last night about faith. They talked about Peter Popoff (I think that's his name). Anyway, he would wear a wireless mic in his ear and his wife would tell him things about the people (their names/addresses/illnesses, etc)from backstage. It really is too bad that healing and other miracles are often discounted because of charlatans who take advantage of people in their times of great need.

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