The Summer “plan” (so far)

The scale is not budging - I tend to plateau every 10 pounds + I'm on a medication for a couple of weeks that's making me hold lots of water + I've really bumped up the exercise and that tends to make me stall while my body adjusts to the extra work.

So, I'm thinking that I may stop spending the money on Weight Watchers (since I know the plan and have the tools) - and spend the money on registrations for walks/runs. In the long run, I'll stay on the Weight Watchers plan, eat healthier, lose weight and...

at the same time the money that I'd have spent on Weight Watchers will be just as well spent establishing a commitment to becoming fit in the exercise area as well as in the diet area.

works?'s a list of races that I'd like to participate in - well, at the "walk" level, there are few prizes - it's mostly for fun and fitness. And I say "I'd like to" because until the registration is paid, the list can change. So far, the one that I don't want to miss is the Cheetah Chase!

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