Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I want to get done today:

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  1. Clean the fridge inside and out (tomorrow is shopping day)
  2. change my sheets (that means more laundry)
  3. do more laundry
  4. get ALL caught up on dishes
  5. shine my sink (HT: flylady)
  6. Re-read and post on King James Only Controversy
  7. remember how to spell controversy the first time.  😉
  8. make lots of iced coffee
  9. take a good walk (something that I haven't done is several days
  10. resync my iPod (before I take my walk)
  11. got through my blog post and edit to put posts into categories (something I forget the first time around - my goal and limit is to edit 10 posts per day)
  12. Try a different disc golf course with Tom (the last one we tried didn't go so well)
  13. Enjoy my family!

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