Daily Archives: July 21, 2007

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My kids and I went out to a movie last night (Transformers - I really enjoyed it) and we got done there about midnight. We headed over to Meijer (24 hour supermarket) and felt like we had been dropped into "The Twilight Zone".

The parking lot was full! There were little kids running around! It was as busy as any weekday afternoon!

It was really weird - I go to Meijer late because it's so SLOW!

And...why are those people wearing Halloween costumes?!?!?!

As soon as we got to the door I saw the palettes. And the books. And the lines. And the Harry Potter lookalikes.

At the crack of midnight, the books went on sale and Meijer threw a party (really, cookies and punch)

All I wanted was skim milk and hairspray....