Daily Archives: July 2, 2007

Untitled DocumentThese are the Spanish words I'm currently working on (out of a box of 1,000). You have to understand - I really suck sour lemons at foreign languages.


I've got a couple of books that I'm going to be using and the box of 1,000 flashcards. Next fall I'm going to retake Spanish 1 (in preparation for Spanish 2) and I'll go through the text book and make my own flashcards using the vocab from the class.

Each day I start out with 20 words (this is the way I do most of my classes with memory work). I keep the cards and a small pencil with me and as I go through the words I put a tiny check on the ones I get right. The ones I get right go to the back of the deck and the ones I get wrong go 5 cards back. When a card has 3 checks on it, it gets taken out of the deck and replaced.

Here are my "words for the day" in English(Spanish)

Currently working numbers and clothing

  • cotton (algodon) (sorry, I don't know how to make the accent mark) (July 2, 2007)
  • cap (la gorra) (dang those double r's)
  • centimeter (el centimetro)
  • 100 (cien[to])
  • 13 (trece)
  • 71 (setenta y uno)
  • 4th (el/la cuarto/a)
  • 43 (cuarenta y tres)
  • 40 (cuarenta)
  • meter (el metro)
  • 32 (treinta y dos)
  • belt (el cinturon)
  • blouse (la blusa)
  • cheap (barato/a)
  • (hand)bag (la cartera)
  • boos (las botas)
  • bathing/swim suit (el traje de bano)
  • 19 (diecinueve)
  • coat (el abrigo)
  • bra (el sosten)

I've taken a hiatus from the diet and fitness thing...I've been pretty "ok" about the diet (except for today...and yesterday) but the walking "took a hike" (so to speak).

Tomorrow I bite the bullet and go weigh in. The physical difficulties I was dealing with appear to have taken a hike also so I'm a happy camper there!

I recently purchased this book and I REALLY like it - this is written by a woman who really understands! There are sets of pages facing each other - the first is a devotional and the second is a prayer written for a particular challenge. (Buy the book with this link and help me get free books! 😉

Here's my prayer for tomorrow:

Dear God,

thank You that You are a God of new beginnings!

You didn't stop creating on the sixth day

but continue to create and recreate the world

and this person that I am.

I confess that it is hard for me to begin again.

I'm afraid to try to change

because I've failed so many times before.

But this time I know that You don't waste any pain for failure.

And You never give up!

You never throw up Your hands, walk away and say,

"That's it! You'll never change!"

Instead, You are wholly and happily ready

every day to begin all over with me.

Just as the sun rises each new day,

so do my opportunities for new beginnings and totally fresh starts.

Help me to remember that as I take small steps toward You,

You are always reaching out to help me

and You are rejoicing in my progress.

You focus is no on the distance gained or the final destination.

Let's begin again, God

Right now.


(disclaimer: I don't believe that God doesn't have His eye on the end game or the final destination - indeed it would be disheartening to believe that God would focus so much on the now without seeing the end result. It is because I know He holds the future that I fully trust Him with my present. But it's still a good prayer and a reminder to me to keep my eyes on the "now")