Now that we need a passport to go to Canada (we used to "swing by" Canada on a pretty regular basis)...

My application is in (posting it here so that when I start to wonder where it is, I can look here for the date...)

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2 thoughts on “Passport…

  1. Mine was back before I knew it.

    I just read this in CT ... it's certainly old news to you.

    I ought to have a problem with it but, maybe because it's a school, I don't.

    However, I don't think she'll last long there. What do you think?

  2. Post author

    The reality is that the CRC started ordaining women a long time ago.

    For much of that time, each "classis" could vote whether or not that region would have women as ordained pastors, but that male leadership was the norm.

    Two years ago that was flipped so that classis has to vote on whether or not to exclude women, ordaining women is the norm.

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