More on my mom and Dad

My mom is doing pretty poorly.  Her feet do not do what they're supposed to do and she's not strong enough to lift her body weight.  Her surgeon isn't talking (or showing up) and the therapist tell them that they need to talk to the surgeon.  She's depressed and right now I'm not much help in that regard.  She's also worried that Dad wants to put her in a nursing home... really scared that he's not going to be able to take care of her.  One option (if there's going to be an eventual improvement) is a short term stay at a nursing home.  Mom cries and tells him not to give up on her.

Dad cried tonight when he was talking about what he's going to do.

He's remembering when Aunt Joyce died and how my cousin and could not lift her when she fell and how they all felt when they had to put her in the home.

and he talked about how he doesn't know how my aunt copes with an invalid husband in a wheel chair - how does that work and what is he going to do?

And how my Aunt Pat lives alone now...

My dad is really down.  I don't know what to do.

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