A Man Named Joseph Came to Mind…

I was going over my day...as tired as I am, I have been tempted to be a little impatient.  Maybe that "natural", but I don't want it to be me.

I snapped at my dad.  We had mom halfway out of the car on her transfer board.  his cell phone rang and I said, "ignore it".  He answered it, dropped the board, my mom was slipping and he said, "we're having a hard time getting your mom out of the car.

I said, "that's because you're talking on the phone!"

Just now...a man named Joseph came to mind.

When pharoh's wife was tempting him to sin in a sexual way, he fled.

(Joseph has left the building)

Ran away.  Flee temptation.

So fast, when she grabbed his cloak he didn't stop to get it.

I need to keep a handle on my thoughts when slips happen.  Flee that temptation.

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