Monthly Archives: October 2009

But still very scattered and tired.

I have a deep cough but don't know when I'll be able to get to the doctor (I have conferences until 7:15 Monday and Wednesday and massage until 4:30 on Tuesday.  To miss any conference time or work time this week messes up my "comp time" that I will need to cover district days off later in the year.

I have an art panel due Thursday, along with two art projects (including lesson plans) on Thursday.

I am still not focused on anything and my brain is not doing well.

fever (check - sort of.  My body temp runs low, so 100 is  a fever for me)

body aches (check)

head ache (check)

Nasal congestion (check)

cough (check)

sore throat (check)

fatigue (check)

A little nausea, no other intestinal symptoms.

The pharmacist at CVS gave me stuff with real sudafed, which seems to be helping a little.

I'm seriously considering dropping the drawing class.

I'm enjoying the challenge and I like the work that I'm doing.

But I'm overwhelmed and not doing well.  I'm behind everywhere.  I may drop the class now, finish well in Art for the Elementary Classroom and pick up the drawing again in January.

I need to decide quickly (this weekend).

One of my co-workers called in sick because her has it.

Many of our students have conditions that leave them immuno-compromised and I wonder if they will close our campus if we get a few cases.  The official policy states that each individual bears the responsibility to stay home, but with our fragile population, it might make sense to close campus.

I've given myself "permission to fail" one of my classes.  It's the "fun" one (it really is).

I'm overwhelmed with everything (due to things that only a few folks know or need to know) and I bit off way more than I could chew this semester.

So if I blow off homework (and I did), and still learn and enjoy the

My organization got knocked of kilter really, really fast this semester.  The only thing I'm sort of caught up on is the drawing that we need to do in class (and I need to go to class early on Monday to get it done).

I have a panel due on Thursday (3 small projects on a poster board) that will be quite fun, but will take time.

On Wednesday I have my still life due and I have a lot of work to do on that.

I'm struggling in drawing class and can't pin down why.  I can draw the structure, but I don't seem to see all of the little highlights of light and shadows and reflections that everybody else seems to see.  I'm not sure if it's because my contacts are thicker and cut down glare or if my eyes are just that bad.