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Talitha Piper - "Godward".

Found via an interview with her on "Nobody416"

My two favorite questions:

Olivia: Your mom talks about how you always have known that you were adopted and they've been very open with you. How has that impacted the way you see adoption?

Talitha: I see adoption as a little picture of how God adopts us. The excitement, the pain, the sorrow, the joy!  I think that I wouldn't connect earthly adoption to heavenly adoption if it wasn't for my parents giving me a godly definition (and example!!) of adoption.


Olivia: Has being physically adopted effected your perception of spiritual adoption?

Talitha: Yes. I kind of touched on that on another question. But I can say it again! Being physically adopted is very special, but being spiritually adopted is ten thousand times better!! My family is only biracial. God's family is multi racial. That is so amazing! I have been adopted twice in my life. Physically and Spiritually! I thank God everyday for that!

Also discovered:  Noel Piper's blog, who will be starting a series on Talitha's adoption and being a bi-racial family...this is a good start!

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