Daily Archives: November 27, 2009

I was a little concerned that the dog would get over protective with Tom around for the first time since Toby came to live with me.


The dog seems to like Tom better than he likes me...he follows him around, climbs up on the couch next to him, hangs around him.

Appears to have abandoned me...

It may be that his previous owner was a man, so he sees Tom as that "guy figure".

Anyway, they get along.

Earlier this week my mom dislocated her artificial hip (again).  This time they did surgery (her second major surgery in 6 months) and they ended up not having to replace the whole joint, just the socket.


I just got a call from Dad - they're giving Mom 2 units of blood (I'm not sure what the numbers mean, he said it should be 12 and it's 7).

Her good leg is now her bad leg.  So she can't put more than 20 pounds on her bad leg and her good leg can't support her at all.

The good news is that she's consented to be transfered to a rehab center close to their home, rather than insisting on going to a home when she's released.  The social worker said that the rehab center will be able to keep her there until she can walk with a walker (which means that they'll be working on the "bad" leg [now her good leg] which hasn't been worked on because she was using her good leg [now her bad leg] and the walker.

So, in the long run, this could get her walking with a cane *sooner* than she might have been otherwise!