Monthly Archives: December 2009

My plan is to use my planner more effectively.  First...find the thing (just kidding I know exactly where it is)

Calendar Section:

  • Buy new planner pages (pick something pretty)
  • Put classes in planner

Health Section :

  • General goals and objectives for cycling, weights, walking

Diet Section:

  • food log pages
  • shopping lists with beneficial and avoid foods

God Section

  • print weekly devotional
  • print out Bible reading plan
  • prayer log

Book and Music section

  • reading and music log
  • wish list

At first I thought the optical eye needed cleaning or something.

Now I think the "clicker" went bad - it doesn't "grab" text.  That will annoy me later one.  For now I can happily use the pad on my laptop to copy and paste.  When I start writing for school, it will get frustrating to move back and forth from laptop to keyboard.

So, I'll drop one in my Amazon cart and when I get paid, I'll order one.  I also have a second DVD player in there to use upstairs (to exercise to).

Thomas is on vacation and the fill-in massage therapist is a woman.

I've heard from other people that women just don't "get" therapeutic massage and maybe they're right.

It sometimes hurts during my massage, but that's because it's really getting deep into the tissue and I know that it's working.

Today felt good while I was getting it, but my "tight spots" still feel tight.

The other thing is (and I've floated the thought before) - I'm familiar with "runner's high" - the release of endorphins during physical stress (such as exercise) or pain.  When your body starts to calm down again, you can get the chills.  I experienced that after cortisone injections.

I start my massage therapy face-down.  I used to have a very sensitive spot at my spine right at the base of my neck.  Thomas goes very deep there and it really hurts.  When I turn over halfway through the massage, if he has gone very deep on my back, I get those chills, as if the deep tissue massage signaled my brain to release endorphins and as they "go away" I get those chills.

The upside to that is that I no longer have that bad spot at the base of my neck.

I haven't seen Thomas for two weeks and it's back a little bit.

Today, I didn't experience those chills...and my back is no better.

Came up on my shuffle

I want to somebody's everything...

I refuse to settle for something less than great.
And if it takes a lifetime, then that's how long I'll wait.
'Cause all I want is everything, is that too much to ask?
Have romance, love and passion; find magic that will last.

And I want someone to think they'll die if they can't be with me.
I want to be their joy, their pride, their dreams,
The very air they breathe.
I want to wake up feelin' loved and go to bed the same.
Yes, I want to be somebody's everything, somebody's everything.


If I were to move denominations, it would be nice if I could find one (other than LCMS) that was more liturgical.

I like the idea of following the church calendar.  Today I listened to a podcast that talked about "Ember Days", which I had never heard of before.

Ember days are four different sets of 3 days of fasting (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) throughout the liturgical year.

Fasting (in its pure form) is meant to sharpen the spirit and prepare for repentance and spiritual rejuvenation.  It readies our mind for prayer and helps to focus on that prayer.

I am drawn to the liturgical calendar, and will most likely keep track of some of these days, with the intent of honoring a few of them.