Daily Archives: July 15, 2010

I've been accepted for an apartment. It's not the best place in town (but I've lived in the inner city and this is not that).

The bedrooms are tiny, but the rest of the place is great. It's an upper and the stairs are narrow...I'll pay somebody to move my furniture so I don't have to navigate. Lots of windows - as many as I have now, but facing better directions!  A big bathroom with a washer and dryer (included). Lots of kitchen storage.

No "stuff" storage" so I'll get a storage unit for unused furniture and other stuff (either that or get rid of the Christmas tree and use a little one at Christmas).

It will be a relief to have a more appropriate place.  I'm not tied to being a property owner - the thought of not having to mow the lawn, shovel the sidewalk, yada, yada...is good.