It’s the Narrative…

My friend, Phil and I were talking about the article on Christianity Today - John Piper, Is My Femininity Showing. I kept asking, why can't they get that Piper made it clear that he wasn't talking about the female body - he was saying that, as a Complementarian, he believes that a woman should not have spiritual authority over a woman.

(run down...see my post from yesterday)

Phil didn't use these words, but we have used these terms before. It's the narrative.

The author of the article made a (false) assumption that Piper's concern was about the female body...and ran with that assumption...ran fast and hard.

Once the narrative was set, no amount of reasoning was going to shift the conversation to where PIPER had his concerns...women in authoritative teaching positions over men.

It's the narrative. And we hear the familiar refrain: words like evil, bigoted, hateful, comparisons to Islam...even the theory that he's not comfortable with the menstrual cycle (???) or that he cannot get beyond the "allure" of the female body...

Unable to discern between reading a book and sitting under authoritative teaching in person...I seriously don't get that. Example: I've read several of Rob Bell's books. I've gotten some good information...but I refused to even visit his church, with was only around 10 miles away from me (he recently left) - reading his book, I can put it his church, with him in the pulpit, he become my teacher. But (you know...) it's the narrative.

I'm sure that these are not unintelligent people, but they are unwilling, or unable to veer from the narrative. It is not for me to judge whether unwilling or unable, but veering they will not or cannot do.

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2 thoughts on “It’s the Narrative…

  1. MzEllen

    Hi, Kay Arthur studies is a great example of knowing the difference between a book and somebody in a pulpit. If a group uses a study, I don't have a problem with it. If Mrs. Arthur gives one traveling talk to a church, I also wouldn't have a problem with that. She is a guest of the pastor and board and speaks under their authority. But if she stepped into the role of pastor and carries her own authority, I do not believe that is proper.

    But I won't call Egalitarians evil over it....

    I've said it before, that (by and large, there are so,e exceptions) and in general, those on the conservative end think those on the liberal end make bad choices. Those on the liberal end think those on the conservative end are bad people.

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