Daily Archives: January 4, 2015

First - It's HARD for me to memorize Scripture when I'm out of my routine.  But I'm wrapping up being able to quote the first chapter of Philippians.

But...what have I learned?

Summary of the "OIA Method" is here.

  1. Observation – what does it say?
  2. Interpretation – what does it mean?
  3. Application – how do I need to change?

The absolute basics:

thanks for believers, advance the Gospel, live to serve Christ.

But deeper - we (believers) are spiritual siblings - brothers and sisters in Christ.  More than that, we share grace.  Paul wrote, "You are all partakers with me of grace, both in my imprisonment, and in the defense and confirmation of the Gospel."

When a spiritual sibling is persecuted for the sake of Christ, we should feel that grief along with them, and we are partakers with them of grace.

When we support a missionary in the defense and confirmation of the gospel, we are partakers with them of grace.

It puts a different spin on the "children of Christ" aspect and reminds me yet again that it is "all of grace."

Life has been busy and this blog has (again) gone quiet.  But MzEllen has been a great way for me to work out a few things, share a few things, vent about a few things.

I live with a new husband, live in a new state, go to a new church, hang out in new places.  These are all good changes and I want to - I don't know - write, for one thing.  I like to write.

I do keep track of politics, so that will show up here, but from a conservative Christian view (some might criticize putting "conservative" first, but "Christian" is the descriptor, "conservative" modifies.)

I'm not an authority on pretty much anything, but I know a little bit about lots of stuff!  So if I can get anybody to think about some of the things, that's good.

So, as of the January 1, consider it sort of a "relaunch"