Life has been busy and this blog has (again) gone quiet.  But MzEllen has been a great way for me to work out a few things, share a few things, vent about a few things.

I live with a new husband, live in a new state, go to a new church, hang out in new places.  These are all good changes and I want to - I don't know - write, for one thing.  I like to write.

I do keep track of politics, so that will show up here, but from a conservative Christian view (some might criticize putting "conservative" first, but "Christian" is the descriptor, "conservative" modifies.)

I'm not an authority on pretty much anything, but I know a little bit about lots of stuff!  So if I can get anybody to think about some of the things, that's good.

So, as of the January 1, consider it sort of a "relaunch"

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