Wade Burleson, IMB and technophobia

I was reading a few things on the situation between the International Missions Board (Southern Baptist Church) and Wade Burleson. I’m not going to get into the controversy – if anybody wants to read about it, it’s easy enough to find. This post is really just kicking around a couple of thoughts that a friend and I talked about – in relation to modern technology.

What I want to hone in on is this paragraph from Mr. Burleson’s blog

(3). Most trustees are fifty or older. Some are in their seventies. I am not sure how many have ever read my blog, but some think a blog is like "computer pornography" (an actual quote). I really think if the trustees took time to hear my motives, communicate with me, and recognize that even though I am "new," effectual work could be accomplished.

Mr. Burleson has been vocal (on his blog) about his disagreement with a policy of the board. There is a certain type of person who will not even listen to any defense for the sole reason that they might have to sit down in front of a computer.

There are a lot of folks in the church (and church leadership) who are behind the times – technically speaking. I suppose we could call them “techno-phobes”.

The “prophet” at our church last Sunday – I found out all I needed to know just by poking around their website a little bit. I believe I remember that one of our pastor’s is not exactly computer-savvy – is this why these folks could slip by? I need to find out (from Pastor Brian’s mouth) if he knew what these people are – or if he just didn’t know enough to find out.

That’s kind of what Mr. Burleson is saying about the age 50+ trustees. They sure don’t appear to have a very good comprehension about what a blog is – much less how Mr. Burleson was using his.

Did their lack of computer knowledge have an effect on the decisions that have been made? If so, what kind of effect? Can a person who does not even know what a blog is (and who has never read one) really make an informed decision about what a man wrote on his blog?

If some of the trustees have not read Mr. Burleson’s blog – how can they come to a truly informed decision about what he wrote there?

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