Calvinism…and TULIP

I picked my daughter up from her Wednesday night youth group and they covered (drumroll....) TULIP.

She has a pretty good grasp - limited atonement sort of eludes her and she doesn't really like the doctrine of election. Then again, neither do I, but I accept it as truth.

I'm glad that they're covering these issues - but it makes it very frustrating to know that on one hand, the youth are covering Reformed doctrine - and on the other hand, there are "apostolic oneness" prophets and apostles invited into our pulpit. What is the message that we are sending?

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6 thoughts on “Calvinism…and TULIP

  1. I don't know...

    and getting in to see the pastor appears to be a very slow process. I sent in my list of things I want to talk about this morning and haven't heard from anybody (his assistant was supposed to get back to me)

    My hope and prayer is that the leadership isn't "computer savvy" enough to just have poked around their website to get at the doctrine.

    But if "discernment" is a gift of the Spirit...

  2. True - in some ways that makes it harder because then you have to teach your kids that not everything the church teaches can be trusted.

    It would be nice if you didn't have to sort out bad and good doctrine in your own church.

  3. Phil

    "It would be nice if you didn't have to sort out bad and good doctrine in your own church."

    There was a time when members expected pastors to actually teach within the bounds of their denominational beliefs!

    Today, preaching is like commenting here on You "Choose an identity" and say whatever you want 😉

    Cheers and beers,

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