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Let's see...

Thanks to all the readers that stopped by!

Now for "life's tidbits"

I have to get a new copy of "Paedofaith" - I gave mine to my pastor. He tells me that there are compelling reasons to invite small children who have been baptized into covenant families to the table of God.

Our professor was out sick today - so no test (way cool). This means I can watch the show that I shouldn't watch, but like anyway...CSI.

A package arrived - a memory card reader from my dear friend. The camera and card will arrive tomorrow!

My February copy of "The Banner" arrived today. Page 36: "General and Special Revelation in Conversation."

My son can play "Happy Birthday" on his new Manolin. This is significant because my dad turned 71 yesterday and Tom played for him.

My other class has a writing assignment: "Do you believe that the Bhudda started a new religion? Why or why not?" These writing assignments (weekly) are going to be hard for me - because there is a one-page limit. Double spaced.

I'm a couple of days behind on my Bible reading. My sleep cycle gets messed up very easily and it got messed up a couple of days ago. I'm not as far behind as my sidebar says - I just haven't updated my sidebar.

Right now, I'm heading to my room - with a writing tablet (philosophy assignment and grocery list), my "Banner" and a beer.

Last - I tried a new beer - "Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale" - not my favorite; I'll stick to my "Young's Double Chocolate Stout" or Guiness Extra Stout.

😉 Ellen

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