Daily Archives: February 5, 2006

I've got another little blog where I'm keeping track of my reading habits.

When I keep track of what I'm reading, should I include magazines? Textbooks?

I'm reviewing the books as I go along (link is in the sidebar) just to see at the end of the year what I really do read and how my habits are shaping up.

I used to be a big fiction fan and now fiction is more like "brain candy" when I want a break from stuff I have to think about.

Questions I'll try to remember to ask at the end of the year when I look at all the books"
- Are there more fiction books or non-fiction?
- Are there more theology books, or "other"
- Are the books I read more relevent to my own life or will they help me minister to others?
- Are the books primarily from one (Reformed) viewpoint, or am I using my discernment to evaluate other views?
- How has my reading changed my beliefs?
- Have I "picked up" any new favorite authors?
- Have my reading habits changed? How?