The upcoming week

A dear friend that I trust believes that it's not time for us to leave our church just yet. So that's where we're going this morning.

I have a mid-term on Tuesday, as well as a small paper due.

The paper: Using Aristotle's "Four Causes", write about the process of making a salad.

The mid-term covers the philosophies (not biographies):
Thomas Aquinas

Other than that, it's a pretty slow week.

Oh...and watch old seasons of 24

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One thought on “The upcoming week

  1. Your professor sounds "creative" like mine. I am writing a paper right now in my modern political thought class, using the ideas of the 19th century women's suffrage activist, Elizabeth Cady Stanton; Social Darwinist,William Graham Sumner; and various socialists. I have to create 3 different organizations from their individual perspectives. I am developing three different churches.

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