thoughtfulness counts

Yesterday I came into work and my watch was sitting on my desk.

That wouldn't have been odd at all (I leave it places) but I had thrown it away the afternoon before. After I broke it (it's one of those bracelet kinds that springs open).

I found out the story - the custodian had seen the watch in the wastebasket and thought he could fix it. So he took it and figured it out and fixed it for me - and then put it on my desk.

This is a man that I rarely see anybody interact with, but he will see things that need fixing and just take care of it without being asked. It doesn't seem to matter to him if it's school stuff, or employee stuff or student stuff. Whether or not it's his job, he'll take care of the little, annoying things that I would just throw away.

This kind of thoughtfulness is such an encouragement.

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