My Favorites of the Week:

I thought I'd share some of the favorite posts I ran across this last week.

This is a "must read" if you are a believer looking to see Jesus.

Michael Spencer - well, just read.

Here's a little bit of what I'm hoping for: organization.

Signs of spring in the "frozen north".

These two gems come from the World of Sven

American Exchange Student: So in the medieval catholic system, supposing you did actually earn enough merit to get to heaven, what would you do when you arrived there?
: Well Aquinas taught that you could either go straight to heaven, or gamble your merit points and maybe win a speedboat.
: Really?
: Uh-huh.
: Woah. I never knew that.

It's a shame theologians don't write like this anymore:

Boso: I don't understand.
Anselm: That's because you're not as clever as me.
Boso: I see. You are so very wise Anselm.
Anselm: This is indeed true.
Boso: I concur.Yup...


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6 thoughts on “My Favorites of the Week:

  1. Atlantic

    Hm. I can't decide whether to be outraged at the misrepresentation of Catholic teaching or irritated at yet another Brit being snarky about an American (he should be reminded of Jade Goody), probably because I'm laughing too hard about the speedboat. 🙂

  2. Atlantic

    Yes, well, now when try that, I get this little voice in my head saying,

    “Whether a man in grace can gamble his salvation away for the possibility of a speedboat?

    Objection 1. It would seem that man in grace cannot gamble his salvation for the possibility of a speedboat…”

  3. Um...yes...well...

    look on the bright side.

    I've had the Veggie Tales theme song stuck in my head. Either that or "This Old Man".


  4. Atlantic

    Did you pick that up from your workplace? Which reminds me - have you ever read any books by Torey Hayden? She has written several really good books about her work with severely emotionally disturbed children, including a few severely autistic children. I like her books a lot and I thought of her when you mentioned your job.

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