Preparing to Speak

Tomorrow my daughter and I give our presentation on the "History of Christian Music" and I'm in the process of burning the songs we're going to use (2 of them) to a CD so we don't have to shuffle music in the middle of the talk

We're going to us "Wedding Dress" by Derek Webb and "Hold Fast" by Flatfoot 56. Other artists mentioned will be MercyMe (with a new CD coming out later this month) and Steve Camp.

This class (well, the instructor) is turning out to be irritating. She dinged me 20 points out of 100 on the research paper (I do not get 80's on writing papers) for not writing about a piece of music (written by the composer that I wrote on) that I'd listened to. In the syllabus the requirement was to "choose a piece" (nothing about listening to it or writing about it) and she verbally changed the requirements of the paper in class to "listen to a piece of music" (nothing about writing about the experience).

In my paper I talked about one of the pieces by one of the composers I'd covered. I listened to it but didn't write about the experience. I don't think I should have been dindged 20%. Further, I talked to several different people in the class and they also had the same number of points taken off. It's a small class (20 people) and if that many didn't understand the requirement, it doesn't sound like it's totally our fault.

My kids have never seen me go to the mat over the difference between an A and a B. 😉

An A- in the class will bring my GPA down slightly. With an 80 on this paper, I cannot mathematically get an "A". Grades are one thing that I am serious about.

So, hopefully everybody else will benefit from this.

at any rate, for the presentation: the powerpoint is done, the music is chosen, the outlines are printed.

God willing, all will go well.

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