Daily Archives: April 16, 2006

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Six years ago, on Easter Sunday, my father-in-law went to be with the Lord. It was very sudden and he just quietly slipped away in his sleep.

We were still very unsure of my husband's future and he "felt" like his father had died because it's not "right" that an adult child should die before his or her parent. He thought that his mother would die soon also.

It was a hard Easter Sunday morning, and yet we were all at peace - what a wonderful time to go to see Jesus.

On the "day" that celebrates Jesus resurrection, my father-in-law went home.

It's a very small church, very mixed congregation, not very far away.

It's a church that is not ashamed to have "Reformed" on the sign out in front, which is important to me. All of the elders are male, which is becoming increasingly important.

Easter seems like an odd time to visit, but when I contemplated going back to Sunshine, even for Easter Sunday, I felt like I was jerking myself (and my kids) around.

I need to be in an established church and Sunshine is not going to be it. Once I made that choice, it was time to be on the hunt. It's an 11:00 service, so I'll let you all know later what's up with that.