For Future Reference

Manda says that Simone is a cashew also.

(very few people on the planet know what that means. I'm not even quite sure, other than it means that my daughter is - ummm - interesting)

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2 thoughts on “For Future Reference

  1. Oh sweet Jesus... is that thing even alive???? From the look on its face it appears to have survived some horrible alien vivisection experiment gone awry.

    As for the cashew comment, you owe sincere apologies to all cashews. You, as a nut yourself, continue to demonstrate hatred, oppression, and disenfranchisement of nuts -- innocent nuts -- other than your own kind. Your rejection of the values of inclusion and respect for all your nuts has lead you to disparage cashews with language of hate and bigotry -- comparing them to a wretched looking feline. For shame!

    PS: Actually, I can personally attest that "Simey" (as it's pronounced) is a wonderful sweet creature... unlike the nuts who own her.

    PPS: You, however, remain officially a nut.

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