Church Yesterday…

We went to a little church. Christian Reformed, inner city, very mixed. The worship (singing part) was very lively and spirited. I really like it.

Unfortunately (due to either miscommunication on my son's part or misunderstanding on mine), I thought that he had to be at work later than he did, so we had to leave early (before the sermon even started).

The church is very small (less than 100 people, including kids) - that means there will fewer study opportunities, but more ministry opportunities.

This is the first church we've visited that I want to go back to

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2 thoughts on “Church Yesterday…

  1. We visited a church too on Easter Sunday. It was our second time there. We were there in January and people remembered us and came to say hi.
    My husband (and I) are leaning towards going there permanently, but wants to check out the care groups first. He doesn't care for the church we have been attending, major differences in theology (Reformed vs. Calvary Chapel), some bad teaching in general, no real fellowship, mocking of other church groups, etc.
    I hate being in that process again. Its super when you find one that you want to go back to. I'm praying for you, that you will find what you need to be fed spiritually, and that you can be a blessing to others.

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