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Read the story here.

The synopsis..."Mr Bush made this woman have an abortion she didn't want." Seriously (but not literally), that's what she believes.

A 42-year-old woman with two kids and her husband discovered themselves with some "rare couple time" and were "overcome with passion"...and she "forgot" to use her barrier method of birth control.

So...the next day she called her doctor to get a prescription for "plan B" (the "morning after pill).

Oh...like all contraceptive pills, you can only get this by prescription. There was a movement to make this contraceptive pill available "over the counter", but the FDA has major doubts about whether or not the product was safe for young women under 17. There is NO procedure in place at this time for making the same product, for the same indication, available for both prescription and over-the-counter sales, with age being the only factor involved. The "morning after pill" remains prescription only - "bad Republicans" (not)

So...she tried to get a prescription.

Oh...in Virginia, health-care practitioners are allowed to refuse to prescribe any drug that goes against their beliefs. This woman was "dumbfounded" to discover that physicians (first, do no harm...") are allowed to make decisions based on their ethics - "bad Republicans" (not)

So...she decided to take her chances and hope for the best...

Oh...nature wins. Now, this woman is "angry" - the morning after pill was supposed to be available (proposed to have been) OTC by now...and those "nasty Republicans" want to make sure that the product is safe for use by all who can legally purchase it.

So...the FDA and all of these doctors were "partly responsible for why I was stuck that Friday, and why I was ultimately forced to confront the decision to terminate my third pregnancy."

Oh...does she think that perhaps her "momentary lapse" (irresponsibility) might have had just a little bit to do with her accidental pregnancy? "Bad Republican" (not)

So...she had to find an abortion provider. Maybe she just isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but she says, "trying to get information on how to abort a pregnancy in 2006 is an even more Byzantine experience."

Oh...Honey, one word. "GOOGLE". It took me 5 seconds (including backspacing through a typo) to find six abortion providers sin my area. Including one called "Abortion Clinic." This woman eventually discovered (drumroll....) "Planned Parenthood" - only about the most famous abortion provider in the country.

So...she didn't want to wait for 24 hours (her state has a mandatory waiting period) so she went to downtown DC...

Oh...but she feels that "this administration gave [her] practically no choice but to have an unwanted abortion"

Definitely...somebody else's fault.

NOTE: I have no objection to a couple's responsible - and informed - use of (non-abortificant) birth control. I have used birth control and I remain anti-abortion. I have had two accidental pregnancies (one was miscarried, the other is named "Amanda" and is almost 18).

It is the liberal mindset of "it's somebody else's fault" and playing the blame-game for one's one irresponsibility and choice to have an abortion that angers me.

This woman chose to have unprotected sex and then she chose to abort the child that was conceived as a result. She needs to own both of those choices.