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Proverbs 27:17 "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Differing views are welcome and desired.

A woman's place...might not be a place.

A woman's place is not a location, it's a state of mind. A state of being.

I don't care what the world has made "feminism" into. I don't care what the world thinks a woman should be. I don't even care what the "church" or other Christians think women should or should not be able to do. I've seen a few posts out there (Christian and otherwise) that have addressed this issue - and I felt like I wanted to say something.

Unless they/you/I can support that position from the Word - don't state it with authority.

I have a picture in my brain of an ideal woman.

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I'm posting this because I'm not the only one - and this isn't the first time for me...and now I'll remember where I have the information tucked away.

Firefox crashed and I lost half of my bookmarks

So, here's how a friend told me how to get them back...

Close firefox
go to

my computer
-> C Drive
-> -> Documents and Settings
-> -> -> my file
-> -> -> -> Application data
-> -> -> -> -> mozilla
-> -> -> -> -> -> firefox
-> -> -> -> -> -> -> profiles
-> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> whatever that file name is .default
-> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> bookmarkbackups
-> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> pick the most recent one with all of your bookmarks (probably the largest one)

either "crtl + c" or "edit" then "copy" to copy that backup.html

go back up the chain one level to "whatever that file name is .default" and delete the current copy of "bookmarks.html".

"edit" the "paste" the old file

change the name of the file to bookmarks.html (the same as what the old one was named)

open firefox and see if it worked.

If you had lost all of your bookmarks, you shouldn't be any worse off than you were...if it works, it saves a lot of grief.