Daily Archives: June 13, 2006

These are my kids petting the stingrays. The exhibit is here only for the summer and it's very cool.

This is me petting the stingray. Tom took the photo and got a little close...it was fun, though.

This is Tom feeding the stingray. These fish are actually very gentle and have a sensitive mouth (and no teeth like we have).

This is Manda feeding the stingray - I wasn't quite ready and the fish came along so quickly that the photo is a little blurred.


If you all were in a church service and saw a "prophet" lay hands on a woman and say these words...what kind of church (denomination wise) would you think you were in? (this is an exact transcript)

"I believe that there is going to be a mentoring relationship with the prophetic. But I want to ignite you, I want to provoke you, I want to inspire you to speak the prophetic word of the Lord even as you see me doing it this morning because you see things and you know things you don’t know how to get how to get it across. So in the name of Jesus, amen, I impart to you - amen! - the empowerment of the Holy Ghost and the gifting that is upon your life to speak prophetically. I call it forth, I call forth the prophetic utterance, the prophetic gift, again, the prophetic anointing with boldness right now in the name of Jesus that she will speak those words that will change lives, that will bring deliverance and I declare Father God that this is that day that you anoint Lord God that this is that day that that impartation take place and Father God that she will not be able to rest until she obeys that call Lord and that you will give her skills you will provide the training you will provide the understanding so that there will be no fear but that there will be the boldness Lord to walk in the calling of the anointing that is upon her live…in Jesus name."