Daily Archives: September 7, 2006


Uh...my son went to his class Wednesday afternoon.  My daughter went to her class Wednesday afternoon.

It's the same class.


Then there's Manda's art class.  She loves to draw, but has always had this narrow little set of things that she likes to draw and hasn't broadened her horizons.  Until she signed up for this drawing class.  They focus a lot on techniques and the professor said that most of the students come into the class with years of high school art behind them and that she recommended that Manda take the class as an "audit" (not for a grade), rather than miss deadlines and fall behind.

I'd like her to be challenged, but not to the point where she gets frustrated with something she loves.  We talked about it and came up with this:  she doesn't have to declare for an audit class until October 2 - at that point she'll talk to the professor again and see how she's doing.  If she's "average", she'll go for the grade, but if the professor still thinks she'd be better off auditing, we'll go for that.

I interviewed for a new job yesterday (and it looks pretty good).  Same school system, same pay scale.  Higher and older students (post-high school) doing job and life skills training.  I would start 15 minutes earlier every day (and end 15 minutes earlier every day.)  This would be helpful, because I discovered Tuesday that half an hour between work and school leaves me a little stressed.

And then there's my classes.  It's either "challenging" or "suicidal".
I'm going to have to be a lot more organized at home than I am - I'm going to try to pack my lunches for the week on Sunday afternoon (except for meat, which can go in the freezer).  Atkins days work best for me, so every lunch will look like this:

  • bluebunny carb freedom yogurt
  • 1 serving fruit
  • vegetable salad
  • single serving salad dressing
  • 2 string cheese
  • 1 packet of crystal light (for bottled water)
  • 1 plastic spoon, 1 plastic fork
  • meat (tuna or salmon pouches OR deli meat in single portions in the fridge

I can keep a case of soda and water at work so I don't have to remember those every day.

I'm going to try the same thing with clothes - pick up 5 dish tubs and get all my outfits together before the week starts and stack them in the closet.
Anything that cuts down on morning stress is a good thing.

(yes, I'm rambling again; I think I'm putting off biology...)