Daily Archives: September 15, 2006


I'm joining weight watchers tomorrow...there are two big reasons that weight watchers works.  The first is that they make it easy to keep track.

The second reason is accountability.

I believe that (as people), we don't like to have accountability - that's pride.  When we get to the point where we recognize that we need accountability, that's when we make progress.

It can be the same way in some areas of our walk with God.

I have some problem areas - it's when I recognize them and have accountability that I make progress.

There is a danger, though.

Doing right does not equal being right.  It's progress; a step.  But doing right, instead of making the heart change, only leads to morality, not righteousness. Following the right rules does not bring us closer to God.  Coming closer to God brings us closer to following the right rules.

At the beginning of the year I posted a whole year's worth of Bible reading (and I'm not reading the September readings).  I went into the year saying that I'm going to read the whole Bible - but it might take me more than a year.  I was going to read where God led (and I've been a few growth-prompting places) and in between these times I was going to read the structured readings.  And I have done that.  I have found that even the accountability that having it posted on my blog brings (as well as the piece of paper in my Bible) helps.

(Going back to the weight loss - when I write down what I eat, even that makes me think about what I'm doing.  Having a structured plan (and weigh in with accountability) keeps me writing.)

There is a "situation" at work...

I know that one of the areas that I can get sucked into (if I'm not careful) is gossip.  And it came up today.  I'm only at this school for another week and I don't want to get tripped up.  (relating to food...who hasn't gotten tripped up?)

I am determined to be open with accountability in order to keep my nose out of the gossip mill.

I think that everybody has an area (or areas) where they can use accountability...a lot of us don't like it.  But coming to the point of recognizing that we need it is the first step.