Daily Archives: September 16, 2006


I'd love to be able to put a second blog on the website (and will, eventually)...

For the time being, I've got diet and fitness stuff parked here.

I went shopping and found a pre-packaged salad...everything is in the sealed bowl (fork, dressing, etc.)

Together with an apple, they'll make a great lunch.

I went to the WW meeting and with the plan, it's very legal to go to my favorite coffee shop (in the same strip mall)and get 3 (or 4) shots of espresso with skim milk and splenda - and after the meeting go to taco bell for one taco.

Atkins is just not doing it for me - the structured flexibility with accountability will (I hope) do the trick for me.

I'll throw in some recipes now and then (assuming I'm going to cook) and keep up to date with exersize and other stuff.