I’m the Barometer

"I am the one holding the keys to the atmosphere in our home."
~ Terry Maxwell ~
Author of: Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit
One of my favorite pastor's wives once told me something on this line:

You are the barometer of your home.

For years I've known this - when I'm stressed and feel "ready to blow", so are my kids. When I'm at peace and content with life, so are my kids.

When I'm digging into the Word, they reflect that.  What has been difficult for me is that they are not an exact reflection.  As I dig into N.T.Wright, Tom is reading "Blue Like Jazz" and Amanda is reading "For Girls Only".  But they are (I believe) learning what they need to be learning at this time.

Think of that barometer again - it measures air pressure; and so do we measure "emotional pressure".  Do we make an effort to make our homes a "neutral pressure" area?    Sometimes I don't - this week of exams and projects is an example.  The kids have exams also, so I'm making it a point to take them away from the house for pizza or something.

But...I hold the key.

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5 thoughts on “I’m the Barometer

  1. Exam week can be tough...as I gave one Final yesterday I thanked God that I am no longer on the receiving end of Final Exams ;)...I am with you...I wish my family had the same taste in books as I do!

  2. I like the "emotional pressure" analogy. It is humbling how much impact we have over our home, isn't it? Thanks for sharing your take on this quote!

  3. I know it is hard to stay positive and focused on things that are important in life - like our kids. I know I have been years under stress, but thankfully that is behind me - I hope 🙂

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