When a Baby Dies – part one

I read this book about a year ago and did a very quick write up on it, mostly including the back of the book.

On the heels of hearing about my dad looking for the birth and death records of his sister that may or may not have even existed - and knowing that he'll be spending time at the siblings that he knows died years before he was born...This time of year also reminds me the most of the children that I lost; for the last two years it has been different.  I believe that Phil has played a part and being "reformed" has played a part.  Resting in the sovereignty of God is comforting.
A few years ago my Christmas gift to Phil was a dinner with a gentleman who was finishing his doctorate through Calvin Seminary.  The "where does a baby go" question  is an important one for me and this man answered, "we'll just have to trust God to do the right thing."  To a grieving parent this is a platitude and not very comforting.  We want answers from Scripture.

At any rate, last weekend I read this book again and I'm planning a short series on it.

The book reviews four ways of looking at "When a Baby Dies" and then looks at a Biblical, Reformed viewpoint that is both merciful and comforting.

The four other views I'll be looking at are

  • universalism
  • the choice of salvation after death
  • baptismal regeneration
  • arminianism

The final chapters of the book deal with Reformed Theology and how it plays into this important question.

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