Weekly Update (otherwise known as weigh day)

It's been a fairly good week.  (slight change - I'm starting my week on Saturday, not Sunday, so that I have an accurate, full week at my meeting on Saturday mornings - so this is the second day of my week)
I wimped out on doing Weight Watchers on my own - most of it is that I want to be able to use their resources and get their stuff.  It had been 2 weeks since I officially weighed and I lost a 1/2 pound (net) in that time.  Since I bumped up a pound last week, this is a net 1 1/2 pound loss (my scale at home is matched as perfectly as it can get with the weight watchers scale - what I weigh at home is exactly what the weight watchers scale says 10  minutes later)
So far:

  • 52383 steps counted on my pedometer this week.  (gives me 125706 for the month/year) - this DOES put me on track for my goal of 2,000,000 steps this year.
  • 19.5 miles WATP (37 for the month/year) - this does NOT put me on track for my goal of 500 miles of WATP for the year. I may drop the WATP to 400 and up my steps to 2,500,000 so that I can make my goal (which is still lofty) and include more outdoor walking
  • I ate my AP's this week and used about 20 of my Flex points.

The "official" update will be in two weeks (the first Saturday of the month)

This week's goals -

  • The "DO's"
  • Do log EVERYTHING I eat (even the o points stuff like splenda packets, coffee and diet soda
  • Do drink 4 cups of green tea daily (goal this week: 75% of the time)
  • Do take ALL of my vitamins (goal this week: 75% of the time)
  • Do walk an average of 7,500 steps per day (I'm traveling this weekend so I need to do an average)
  • Do drink 6 (8 oz) glasses of water every day
  • The "DON'T's"
    • Don't drink more than 4 diet sodas for the week (sometimes I hit that in a day)
    • Don't drink more than 2 cups of coffee per day (that's down some - yes, I am a caffeine junkie)

    I've probably already blown the vitamin part...but the rest is good to go!

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    One thought on “Weekly Update (otherwise known as weigh day)

    1. Congratuations Ellen! You're doing great!

      I missed my meeting this afternoon because it snowed. I am going to try to go one day this week.

      I probably drink 4 diet sodas a day. I need to give it up, but I can't bring myself to do it!

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